I hit a parked car with my scoot

We hope you're OK! This is a bummer... but don’t panic. Here's what you should do:

  1. Take lots of pictures of the damage to the car and any damage to the scoot and exchange information with the car's owner, if possible. Scoot Networks self-insures for third party liability (which is what applies here) so you can provide the car's owner with this information: Scoot Networks, Inc.,1077 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103, (415) 319-7020
  2. If the car's owner isn't there, take lots of pictures of the damage to the car and the scoot, note the car’s make, model, and license, and leave a note with your contact info. Then call us on the hotline (415) 418-7579 to let us know. We’ll help you sort it out. 
  3. If the scoot isn't damaged at all, you can keep riding it. If you aren't sure if it's okay, call us on the hotline, (415) 418-7579.
  4. If you decide not to ride the scoot, park it somewhere it won't be ticketed or towed within 24 hours (please read the signs carefully - tickets and tows are expensive), and then email us at hi@scootnetworks.com or call us on the hotline to tell us what happened. We will help you sort it out. Here are the parking guidelines. 
  5. If you decide to ride the scoot, make sure to report any damage to your scoot from the collision (even scratches) using the "Report an Issue" button on the End Ride screen or to us on the hotline. If your scoot is damaged while you are renting it and you don't tell us, someone else might ride a scoot that isn't safe, and we might charge you $25 plus the cost of the repair.

Note: Scoot's insurance protects you from third party liability within certain limits if you follow the above procedures. In the case of damage to someone else's property (like a car), you are responsible for the first $500 of damage and Scoot pays the next $1,000,000. 

Note: Scoot repairs are billed to our members at cost (less than half of what scooter repair shops charge). We don't make a profit fixing our scoots. We just need to get them back on the road in safe condition. The most common repair bill is about $20, and they are rarely over $100.