How to Use the Centerstand to Park the New Scoot

The new Scoots are a bit heavier than the Classics. It takes a coordinated motion to park any scooter, and it can feel awkward the first few times. But with a bit of technique, everyone can park these scoots without too much strain.

Think of this action in two steps. In the first step, you're going to prepare the scoot and place your hands and feet in the right spots. In the second step, you're going to shift your weight and rock the scoot up onto the centerstand.

Step 1: 

  • Stand to the left of the scoot. Take an athletic stance: your feet are about a shoulder width apart, your hips are close to the scoot, your back is straight.
  • Place your right hand on the black handle attached to the cargo bin. 
  • Plant your right foot firmly on the centerstand. Point your toe toward the rear of the scoot.
  • Allow the scoot to settle, and feel both legs of the centerstand touch the ground. As long as you're applying pressure on the centerstand, the scoot will be easy to balance. Look at the gifs below to see that the centerstand has two legs.
  • Hold the left handlebar grip and brake with your left hand. This hand isn't doing any lifting, it's just here for balance. 

Step 2: 
This step is easiest when you think of it as one quick, coordinated motion. 

  • Shift all your weight onto your right foot (onto the centerstand), pushing down with your right leg, and pulling up with your right hand.
  • By doing this all at once, you will rock the scoot up and backwards onto the centerstand.