How do Scoot Swaps work?

Scoot Swaps are great! They let you queue up a second scoot at a powered garage if you're riding, and need more battery to get to your final destination. Here's how they work:

  1. Select and reserve a scoot.
  2. Set your drop off location.
  3. If you're on a ride and want to swap (or if you know that you going to need to swap), click on the closest red 'P' that has available scoots. 
  4. Tap a scoot that has plenty of battery.
  5. Set up the swap!

You'll have 15 minutes to get to your scoot before it is released. When you get to it, press 'Swap' in the lower left to end your ride on the first scoot and get you on the next one! (Make sure you put the correct helmets with the correct scoots).

Some additional FAQs about Scoot Swaps

What the heck is a Scoot Swap?
A Scoot Swap is a feature riders have been requesting for a while. Scoot Swaps let you reserve a second scoot at a powered location when you're on a ride and need more battery.

How do I do a Scoot Swap?
Once you're on a ride, tap any red P and then "Show available scoots". Tap a scoot listed to reserve it and set up the Swap. Voila!

How long is the second scoot reserved for me?
Just like normal reservations, the second scoot is reserved for 15 minutes. After that, it will be available for anyone to reserve.

How is my billing affected by Scoot Swaps?
Scoot Swaps are super smart! Your rides will be linked together, as if you never stopped scooting at all. So: if you scoot for 10 minutes on your first scoot, and 20 minutes on your 2nd, you'll be charged for one 30-minute ride altogether!

Can I do a Swap with a scoot parked on the street?
No. Scoot Swaps are only allowed at powered garages. This is to help keep our scoots charged and reduce the number of low-battery scoots out on the streets. 

Can I do a Swap at a garage that's full?
Nope, Scoot Swaps are only possible at garages with extra available parking (marked as a red P in the app).