During my ride, where should I park my scoot?

Usually you can park right in front of wherever you are going, or really close by:

  • There is designated motorcycle parking all around San Francisco.
  • You can also park in lots of places that cars won’t fit, like those little bits of curb between two driveways (as long as you leave 2 feet between your scoot and the driveway)
  • And you can park between two parked cars. Just be sure either you or the car pays the meter and that they can see the scoot and have at least two feet of room between their car and the scoot when they are backing out of the space! 
  • You are not allowed to park on the sidewalks, especially in busy commercial areas.
  • You are not allowed to park inside Scoot garages unless that garage is the drop off location you have chosen in the app. You ARE allowed to park temporarily in a Scoot Zone even if that location isn't your selected drop off location.